Thursday, January 20, 2011

Macrame lover :)

Macrame reminds me of my childhood, my mum used to make fantastic big wall hangings - i actually asked her last week if she could teach me and she really laughed!! So when i just saw these on the modamuse site i just had to post them! They are by Melbourne based Smalltown :) What tallent!!!


  1. I love macrame...I used to make hemp jewelry and plant hangers. You have inspired me to get out my old books which used to be my mom's.

  2. That's really cool! I found a website last night that has lots of patterns - . I have my eye on the 'Globe Float Hanger' if you get a chance to look thru the patterns. I'm imagining an aqua blue glass ball with natural fiber ropes, i think it would look great especially if you could put it somewhere that it could catch the light :) You'll have to post the pics when you get going again - I'd love to see! :)


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